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long-term rental info & application

We are now accepting applications and deposit for. Read through this page to find all the information you need to make a successful application to our site.


Site sizes may be slightly different than indicated, and it is best for you to verify the site in person and be sure it is your preferred lot please indicate if you wish to reserve more than one site and have the sites be next to each other.

illustrated map of rv park

What makes our RV park Special?

Location, sense of privacy, and uncommonly large RV sites, are the features that make our resort special.

Situated between ocean and lake and within walking distance to local amenities, most of our largest and best sights are being dedicated for year round tenants. Our high degree of privacy is because we border a provincial park, with all of the RV sights hidden from road view by a large hill.

We encourage anyone interested in a year round RV site to fill out an application, as we will be looking at, and considering, all applications.

Anywhere from 24 to 28 of our initial 39 sights will be dedicated to year round tenants with an emphasis on Year Round Seasonal Tenants ( People who keep their RV here year round, but don’ t make it their full time residence)

While year round/ part time /seasonal tenants are our ideal tenants, we will consider all applications as we understand the need for affordable housing options, and at the end of the day getting by during these challenging times is also our goal. We hope to establish an RV community based on fairness, integrity, and honesty.

Year Round Part Timers (YRPT) will be allowed to put their unit into a rental pool for when they are not using it. The RV must meet certain standards and there will be a profit sharing scenario based on what we agree upon. Please inquire with me if you wish to learn more.

In order to face South, many of the year round sites have tricky pull in situations in order to maximize space and have maximum sunlight. We will

have a solution for pulling in and are happy to explain how we plan to help you make the most from your long term sight. That being said, motorhomes would have no problems pulling in and out of these sites.

Ultimately, our goal is to find a great group of people and create a fabulous community.

What's Included:
  • 30or 50 amp electrical service *metered
  • septic service
  • water service *clean quality drinking water
  • Picnic table & fire pit area
  • Parking for 1 vehicle *additional vehicles require parking pass
Additional fees:
  • Minimum monthly fee for every site of $12*  per month for garbage disposal and electric meter reading. *Fee higher for year round residence
for full list, go to amenities info Page


After approving your application and receiving your deposit you can select your top 3 site choices. All applicants will have one week after we receive your deposit to make a visit to the RV Resort, check it out, and either confirm your site selections OR ask for your deposit back.

If you already know which site you want, indicate that in your application, and we will do our best to confirm that site for you within 24 hours. If more than one party desires a certain site within that 24 hour time period, we will contact all interested parties to come to a resolution.

The first 20 accepted applicants to send in their deposits will receive 5% discount off their contract price for the first 5 months and be guaranteed a site.

Etransfers can be sent to

Checks can be sent to:  Garden Bay Resort. PO Box 21 Garden Bay BC V0N 1S0


It is difficult for us to predict when we will be fully operational...

That being said at this point Sept 15 st to Sept 30 are likely our parameters. Mainly because once everything is done we don’t know exactly how long it will take for BC Hydro and SCRD water to fulfill their obligations. However, that will not stand in the way of you bringing your RV here, and starting to get it set up. We will not be start charging rent until all the services are functional


Sites will have wood fences between them; marking the site boundaries and creating more privacy, with a small landscaped area near the front of each site.

There will be a small light, shrubs, and lot # incorporated into the landscaping.

We will plant trees and grass, including grass hydroseeding, in early fall.

The site themselves will be covered with roadbase/ road crush. But you may choose to have some soil for an additional fee if you choose your sight before our final landscaping occurs, and agree to maintain your grass.

Trees will be planted selectively, and allowed to grow unimpeded.

RV Site Prices are subject to change based on our rules and regulations guide which will be finalized later this month. Main rules that affect price will include: more than one dog, more than one car, and boat parking on site.

download rental application form
Our Form is a Fillable PDF- How to Fill Out and Sign Digitally: