the best RV Park & Campground accommodations in the sunshine coast, bc

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* Disclaimer! We are self reviewing here, ha! ( Google are you listening?) Providing a great experience for guests means that a business has operate on principles of exceptionalism. We think our property is spectacularly beautiful and have taken care to ensure that all amenities and common areas are maintained with loving attention. We aspire to be the best RV park and campground in BC! Come and see for yourself

what the best rv parks & campground have in common:

  • LOcation –They are in an area that has the best of both worlds. Access to gas, grocery stores, banks and a central community hub, but also next to the best lakes, mountains and all the glorious outdoor activities available. A guest should be able to fish during the day and bring their catch back in time for some nice fire pit grilling, and then perhaps leave again for a sunset hike.

  • thoughtful design– How a site is planned impacts the experience of a guest's stay: Roads that are clearly marked and sites easy to find. Common areas laid out with consideration for convenience, access and family friendliness.

  • natural beauty–Some properties are flat grassland and others sit on undulating terrain. Some face lakes and oceans, and others are quietly tucked away in the depths of old growth forests. Each natural setting for a particular RV Park and Campground has its own unique geographical highlights. The best parks are designed to maximize the property's natural beauty.

  • respects everyone– If you are a senior seeking a quiet refugee, that's what you should get. If you are kid bursting with energy, there should be places for you to play. Parents should be able to watch their children and young adults should be able to have fun. The best RV parks and campgrounds have orderly management and are built to accommodate a range of different people.

  • cleanliness– The pandemic has highlighted the truth that cleanliness is next to godliness. A great RV park and campground is well maintained and cleaned regularly. This is essential, as a clean park also inspires guests to be more respectful of the spaces they are using, keeping it even cleaner.

  • affordability – Access to the great outdoors should be for everyone! RV parks and camping in general are fun alternatives to luxury resorts. A down-to-earth experience should be priced in a down-to-earth way.

  • great management– The best RV parks and campgrounds are resorts with live-in management, available when you need them. When the owners themselves are part of the local community, you know you are going to be well taken care of.

The best RV Park & Campground accommodations near vancouver

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The Sunshine Coast is Vancouver's not-so-secret getaway destination. Because access here is only by boat or seaplane, this coastal area of BC maintains it's rural charm and pristine splendour. In fact many local resident commute to Vancouver for work. From Gibsons to Sechelt and towards Pender Harbour and Edgmont, The Sunshine Coast is one of the best places to go on an RV park and campground vacation if you are from Vancouver. A 40 minute ferry ride from West Vancouver, the area's proximity is a major draw.

Pender harbour is one of BC's top resort country destinations

With one of BC's warmest lakes, a provincial park teeming with wildlife and the local community's economy based on tourism, Pender harbour is one of the best places to get away from the city. Visitors not only come from Vancouver, but make the trip here from Chilliwack, Kelowna, Langley, Abbotsford and all over BC and the US as well. There are luxury resorts, quiet retreats and of course, the increasing popular choice: RV parks and campgrounds.

Garden bay RV resort and campground

RV Resort are becoming "the next cottage getaways". Garden Bay RV Resort houses 51 sites that sit on terrain of varying heights, ensuring great views everywhere. This resort combines the best of nature-inspired living and modern conveniences. The park has been built with the best building practice standards and meet all provincial regulations. Everything you need for a comfortable vacation is found here. Long time RVers don't need to be convinced that this is the most liberated way of living. If you haven't tried an RV park vacation, the time is now.

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