Rv vacations vs cottages & timeshares

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Recreational vehicle (RV) trends

RVing as a way of life is a trend that is on the upswing. Recent data shows that people are choosing to vacation in RV’s over traditional alternatives such as cottages, hotels, motels, or vacation home ownership. This is particularly true for “Snowbirds”, Canadians who want to escape south during the winter months. But RVing for summer vacations and general living is also on the rise.

What’s driving this trend is the retirement of Baby Boomers, who often have significant savings to invest in a life that offers them fun and freedom in their golden years. Modern RV’s are now state-of-the-art homes that are comfortable to live in long term, with features that rival or surpass cottages. According to recent studies, 60% of RV buyers are first time buyers and the demographics show 40% of the market for RV’s and Campers are those in the Boomer age bracket.

The ability to travel wheree ver and whenever without too much planning is such an attractive lifestyle and many who choose this path, never look back, becoming RVers as long as they are able to travel.

If you are considering the RV lifestyle, here’s some helpful information for you to consider:

Why Rv vacations are better than cottages or timeshares

If you haven’t discovered how great RV living is, here’s a list of reasons people cite for choosing this lifestyle:

  • You can travel to multiple destinations in one season, and choose where ever you want to go, on your own schedule.

  • You don’t have to be too selective about the things you need on your travels. An RV can carry a lot more than what you can fit in a car or suitcase.

  • Less stress, since you are the one who controls the timing of when your travels happen. It’s actually your “home”. Things are the way you want it.

  • Privacy. No more group tours, no having to navigate hotel lobbies and bumping into hoards of other travellers.

  • Costs less than airline trips, hotels, rentals and vacation homes. Great as a substitute cottage.

  • You can enjoy the outdoors and camping, but with all the material comforts you need.

  • It's the perfect pandemic vacation- it's easy to socially distance in an RV and prevent virus contamination.

when Buying a cottage is too expensive..

Try RV rental accommodations at RV Parks & Campgrounds!

There once was a time when "going to your summer cottage" was a sign of social status. But with real estate prices rising faster than incomes, and with priorities changing, people are rethinking their vacation options. This article in the financial posts breaks down the costs of a cottage, and the pros and cons. It concludes that there are probably better uses for your money, such as investing in the stock market.

A popular alternative that is emerging is the RV park and campground. The vision that birthed Garden Bay RV Resort was simply this: Flexible, affordable vacations that allow people to experience the joys of living in the outdoors should be available to everyone. We take care of all the maintenance and there's no long-term financial commitment. Come by yourself, as a couple or as an entire family. Come in groups for leisure, or even for business. RV vacationing is a trend that is here to stay. Book today, and give RVing a try, if you haven't already.The Sunshine Coast is the perfect Pacific Northwest getaway destination!

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