Living in an rv or tiny home

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The Tiny Home trend helping to rebranding the image of RV parks and campgrounds from low income option to minimalist, anti-establishment utopias. An RV is essentially a tiny home, built with lighter weight materials and compact appliances, with the option of easy road transport. A tiny home can be both portable or not (just add wheels), but is built more like a traditional house.

Both are great choices for longer term living or short vacations, as the appeal of compact, untethered living continues to grow.

Reasons why minimalist living is a hot trend


Once people start paring down all the things they actually need to survive on, they are often surprised by how little is essential. RV and Tiny home living is the ultimate comfortable minimalism. Breaking free from the tyranny of materialism is liberating.

Remote Work Compatibility

It was once a pipe dream to be able to do your office job in the woods. Now with high speed wifi available at most RV parks, this is becoming a reality. Spend mornings running on a beautiful trail, then teleconference and work at your laptop during the day. When you’re done, go fishing in the evening, returning home to eat your great catch and finally, watch a Netflix movie before you doze off to sleep. What could be more ideal?

Retirement Haven. Semi-off grid living, but access to the City

We’ve already outlined some of the reasons Boomers and retirees are choosing to become RVers here. But many people consider RV living, not only as an affordable choice, but because it offers them the joy of being close to nature, with easy access to boating, hiking and all kinds of recreation. Many RV parks, like Garden Bay RV Resort are not too far from city centers. This makes it easy for grandparents to visit their family and friends. As well, seniors can still be close to top doctors and all that bigger cities offer.

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Practical Considerations- RV Park living

REsidential & mailing address

For things like MSP coverage, ICBC, voting and taxes you need an address to establish residency. RV parks are considered temporary accommodations, so you need a mailbox option. Check with the RV park owner to see what your options are. Banks and credit cards all offer electronic banking only. No need for paper statements.


Coverage for your RV and personal belongings are recommended, the same way homeowners or renters buy insurance. Though the vast majority of RV parks are safe places, as they are often located in small communities where everyone knows each other, the unexpected can happen. Also, weather conditions can cause damage, so you want to make sure you are protected.

Phone- low cost & free options

Mobile is the way to go in an RV park. Check with your service provider to make sure there is strong coverage in your area. If you are looking to reduce phone costs, you might want to install an app like Fongo or Text Free. These allow you to make calls and text/sms messages using wifi, often with low cost or free options. This way, you can reduce your monthly mobile plan costs, or have no need for one.

Discounted Off Season RV pArk rentals near Vancouver

Garden Bay RV Resort and Campground offers long term RV site rentals. Contact us to find out whether we have special off season rates. We are ideally located in Sunshine Coast, about 2 north of Gibsons and the Ferry Terminal that takes you to West Vancouver.

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