Go Camping, Find Happiness

Why go Camping in the sunshine coast?

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Yes, the fresh outdoor air, the lush ancient trees and big open skies can heal you. Studies conclude that people who spend a lot of time outdoors are healthier. But if you go camping regularly, you don't need studies to tell you that, you already know. Here's the study on Science Daily, and below is our synopsis:

3 main benefits of nature for both children & adults

1. Helps you put things in perspective

Don't your troubles seem much smaller when you're on top of a mountain, in awe of nature's splendour? Or when you gaze at the stars in the wilderness and see them with such clarity, now that they are not dimmed by urban light pollution? We experience life not in absolute terms, but relative to what we perceive reality to be.  Immersing yourself in the outdoors has a way of resetting our perspective and helping us identify what we most cherish, where we need to improve and ways we can forge ahead in life as better people.

2. better vision for kids, lower blood pressure and longer life for you

Our bodies evolved to be at one with nature. We now know that there's a relationship between nearsightedness in children and lack of sunlight. Children who play outside are healthier and happier, and adults aren't any different. Exposure to greenspaces reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure. It turns out not only are lakes and oceans beautiful to look at, the negative water ions themselves have a calming effect on human biology that is measurable.

After a certain age, a favourite pastime is complaining bodily aches and pains. Why not explore the outdoors instead, and make complaining a thing of the past?

https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5038-857/Let-Them-Be-Eaten-By-Bears https://offtracktravel.ca/free-camping-in-canada/

3. liberates you from status consciousness

Does a bear care how much money you make? Or would a tree that's been standing proud for hundreds of years judge you for your age? This is why people love nature. It resets our human-created value systems and liberates us from the tyrannies of modern civilization. Most of BC's parks are public land, and access is available to everyone. Come to experience nature not only because it's restorative, fun and relaxing, but come also because you can remember again who you really are, and where your place is in this great cosmos. Nature wants you to become a better person... do accept the invitation.

RV Parks & Camping vs luxury retreats & spas

You don't need to go to a "luxury" retreat to reap nature's benefits. Down to earth accommodations are trending.

Our resort is an RV park and campground. We're proud that it's not a luxury resort or spa intended for the super privileged. We have no judgement on luxury spaces, but our resort was founded on the premise that a clean, well-managed resort in a beautiful, pristine setting should be available to everyone. And that the closer to nature to you are, in it's untainted glory, the more you can experience its rejuvenating benefits. We are an authentic choice. Check out our resort pics, amenities and all that the area has to offer, and you'll see that Garden Bay RV Resort is a great pick for a camping and RV park destination. Pender Harbour and the Sunshine Coast is just a short journey from Vancouver, and the area is packed with all kinds of nature loving activities. Book Now for your next fun-filled adventure.

more BC, Canada & USA camping information:

If you are looking for information on camping in Canada, BC or the USA, there are numerous resources on the web. Check out these links for passes, parks and info you need to know:

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